Inc. was incorporated in 2014 in Ontario, Canada.

The vision of StudenttimesShop is to serve as a shopping platform, which will expand into a full-fledged website targeted to the needs of students in Canada.

Keeping up with the pulse of the market demands, we are launching personal protective equipment and products.

What sets us apart is that we ship items directly from our store located in Mississauga, Ontario. Meaning, the quantity that you see on the website is updated in real-time and is physically present in the store with us. This is to ensure that our customers are best positioned to receive the products they have ordered in time. We do not place any back orders and wait to receive supplies.

As a brand, Inc has run successful full-cycle recruitment consulting services, having served more than 25,000 job seekers and multiple industry verticals.

Consistent with the philosophy of our business's staffing arm, we incorporate the ideology of being a results-driven, customer and task-focused 'One Stop Solution' to the StudenttimesShop platform.

"We put our people first"- Our services are tailored to our customers' needs. We function, operate, and comply with a group spirit, with our clients and staff, to always deliver optimum value to those who entrust us with their shopping requirements.


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