129 Keys Pudding Keycaps OEM Profile PBT Double Shot Keycap For Mx Switch Mechanical Keyboard ISO Layout RGB backlit Key Caps

Color: Pink Keycap
Axis Body: Pack by paper box
Sale price$22.08 USD


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Customer Reviews

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Janis Kertzmann

I liked it, it looked very beautiful in my attack shark K86, however the original keys have a better sound, and some keys are so tight on the switch that it comes out along with the key when I pull

Yolanda Parker

Well packed, protected, good keycaps, reasonable delivery, worth, shipment as OK!

They can buy.

OBS: Some Keys came with a little scratched but nothing serious

Maya Rosenbaum

Great keycaps, great tatility, apart from that there was also an acoustic improvement to that keyboard, it improved aesthetics too, it seems even that the RGB LEDs got stronger

Abigayle Emard

They look very good the keys feel good construction only the key of the space bar did not remain on my Corsair k70 mk2 and some others I had to change like the key of Windows, but in general very good product

Magnus Quigley

Served well in my Kumara. Seem to be pretty resilient, but what I suspected actually occurred. Only look beautiful on a black keyboard at night, where the light takes over the white part of the keycaps and makes them colorful. In the clarity of the environment gets kind of strange. I found the height options of the keycaps with little variety, but a positive point is some keys that only serve in the ABNT 2 standard. Overall, I only had to use 3 old keycaps to not make an improvisation with keycaps that do not have the same character as the originals and one of the keys that I needed was a height smaller than the others what left strange, but I relief because the kit is very complete and there are still keycaps left.