UGREEN 2PCS Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S23 S22 Ultra Full Cover Hydrogel Film Protective Phone Screen Protectors

Color: S22 Ultra S23 Ultra
Bundle: 2 Pieces
Ships From: CHINA
Sale price$10.26 USD


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Customer Reviews

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Bart Ratke

Excellent Product came to me in the estimated time, I already wait to try it on my phone👍🏻

Dorothea Dibbert

Great quality product until then.

** Positives: **

-Perfectly works the screenlock;
-Great feeling of sliding with your fingers;
-Easy installation;
-Works perfectly with the pen s;
-Maintains the quality of the OLED display and its vivid colors;

** Negative points: **

-Slight scratches with the S Pen, but just iron a cloth after it comes out;
-Maybe get bubbles around the edges, I'll update here after how it is in a few weeks of use.

Perry Ledner

Worth it, I recommend to everyone, very complete the items and installation and very easy and it is applied right with the applicator, it doesn't get crooked and it doesn't even stick on the cover to get off (I use one from nilkin, which protects the cell phone well) Did not hinder the touch of the screen and apricio is resisting better than the screen with regard to scratches, without the film I managed to scratch the screen with less than 1 month of use, already the film has a few days that I am using and so far it is resisting well, Outside the advantage of coming 2 now, I will buy more to have a reservation already hehe, everything arrived on time

Lavinia Glover

Vwry impressive and high-quality protector for my s23u. The slightly hardness is what makes it stand out as it is providing optimal protection to the screen. Front camera isn't covered so +1 for that too. Only problem i face is that sometimes bubbles gets created automatically, but that's probably due to my spigen case as i can remove those bubbles by pressing them. Overall I'd recommend this to everyone.

Wade Roberts

Honestly, I applied the case, but it's hard. Got some bubbles but pro S22 which has the curved screen is really difficult. Very good product. Excellent workmanship. On schedule. Great cost-effective… came well packed and no malfunctions. I recommend!!!